World Agriculture Prize

The World Agriculture Prize is a grant by the Global Confederation of Higher Education Associations for the Agricultural and Life Sciences (GCHERA) which recognizes the contributions of distinguished individuals with global impact in the field of agriculture including but not limited to: breeding, food production, plant and animal science; food science and technology; nutrition; rural development; water and the environment; natural resource conservation; bio based products, social organization and poverty elimination; finance, investments or budgetary allocations; policy, industry and agribusiness, programs or economic interventions; and public advocacy.

The World Agricultural Prize is an annual award that is presented to two winners with one of the winners coming from a country designated as not developed.

Prize money

$100,000 cheque is presented to each winner


  • Nominees must establish exceptionally significant and globally impacting achievements in the field of agriculture.
  • Nominees must be an academic or faculty member of a higher education institution.

How to apply

Nominations are open for the 2020 World Agriculture Prize. The World Agriculture Prize will be closed for registration and nominations
on May 31, 2020 5:00 pm GMT

Click here to Register.

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